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Resourceful Pittsford Lawyer Works to Clear Clients’ Driving Records

Reliable New York attorney assists with vehicle and traffic offenses

The potential consequences of a traffic offense include more than merely paying a fine. At the Law Office of Daniel C. Fulmer in Pittsford, I work to provide effective and efficient defense representation to clients in Western New York facing vehicle and traffic offense charges. I have 25 years of experience helping individuals avoid the problems traffic and vehicle offenses can bring and am dedicated to obtaining the best possible results in your case. Whether you are seeking to reduce your fine, wish to avoid license points that can raise insurance costs or you want assistance getting a traffic offense dismissed, I know how to fight these matters and ensure your rights are protected.

Knowledgeable advocate adeptly fights vehicle-related misdemeanor and felony charges

Some vehicle-related offenses are crimes, and a conviction means you have a criminal record that stays with you forever. If this is your situation, you need an experienced attorney to defend your case. Two of the more common driving-related charges are reckless driving and aggravated unlicensed driving of a vehicle. Reckless driving occurs when a driver:

  • Unreasonably interferes with the use of the road
  • Endangers others’ use of the road

Aggravated unlicensed driving of a vehicle is driving on a suspended or revoked license when you knew or should have known about the restriction. It can be charged as a misdemeanor, but if related to drunk or drug-impaired driving, can be elevated to a felony if there are prior convictions.

If you are facing charges for these or similar offenses, you should have an experienced attorney to defend you. I am highly skilled at defending against misdemeanor and felony driving-related charges and will explain how best to respond in your case.

Trusted law firm helps you understand the traffic ticket point system

New York has an intricate traffic ticket point system that penalizes drivers ticketed for certain moving violations. If enough points are accumulated on a person’s license, additional fines, license suspension and/or higher insurance rates may result. The number of points assessed is related to the seriousness of the infraction. For example, speeding tickets can result in up to 11 points being added, whereas an improper turn is two. If a driver amasses six or more points in any 18-month period, he or she will have to pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee for the next three years. The amount paid depends upon the type of infraction and the number of points accrued. I know the best strategies to save you money and points, and possibly avoid an insurance rate increase, and will use them to fight your case.

Contact a committed Pittsford attorney to schedule a free consultation

At the Law Office of Daniel C. Fulmer, I defend clients in Western New York who are facing vehicle and traffic offense charges. Please call 585-504-7523 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Pittsford office.